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Favorite Products to Keep You MODE-IVATED!

As we have all agreed.... Coding can be a Real R51... and every other pain just about anywhere else imaginable. But, luckily, we have recommendations on products to keep you Mode-ivated. We have compiled an ever-growing list of products that we have found to be helpful-- whether it be ergonomically designed office essentials to fight off "tech neck," or the perfect snack to keep your hangry self at bay.  

Note: Some products have refer-a-friend and other promotional links, as noted, but otherwise, are not linked to our company in any way.)   

Back Pain?


Chirp Wheel

Whether you are working remotely or in an office, chances are you are spending way too much time at the desk... and your back and neck are sure to let you know. Bad posture or leading a more sedimentary life than we would hope can lead to all sorts of back problems-- for which we not only have the codes, but a potential solution!


Check out the Chirp Wheel!

"I LOVE this! I use the large  and medium ones on the floor for nice, gentle stretches after a long day. I actually keep the small one on my desk at work for easy access. Placing the small one behind your back in any standard office chair  instantly provides lumbar support and improves posture! The compact size allows me to also use it against the wall at the office when I need a    good stretch...

... Yoga lovers will rejoice, as this is built extremely sturdy and can be incorporated into your daily routine!" 


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