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Our Mission

"Coding can be a real R51. We're here to help."


Our Mission at CODE.MODE is simple: We want to be a positive impact on every level of healthcare, by connecting people and resources, beginning with the patient and ultimately ending in the lab where groundbreaking cures arise from this incredible teamwork. We fully and passionately feel that each member along the way is a crucial, irreplaceable part of this process and, individually, determines the strength of the entire infrastructure. Therefore, we want to help improve healthcare by providing a platform to access the tools needed for coding and billing success. And, of course, at CODE.MODE, we also like to make the field of medical coding a bit more fun, while maintaining its integrity. For, let's face it: Coding can be a real R51. That's why, we're here to help. Thank you for your valuable contribution and for being a part of the team!     

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