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New Procedure

Bullets denote new procedures.  

Changed or Modified

Triangle (delta) symbols are used to indicate a substantial alteration in the procedure descriptor.  

Changed or Modified

Right and Left Facing Triangle  symbols are used to indicate that changes in text have been made other than the procedure descriptors. 

Add-on Codes +

A Plus symbol denotes an add-on code, which is an additional or supplementary procedure in addition to the primary procedure being performed. Tip: Look for "each additional" or "(List separately to primary procedure."

These Codes ARE:

  • ALWAYS reported with primary 

  • NEVER a stand-alone Code

  • NEVER reported with Modifier -51

These codes are listed in Appendix D.

Modifier -51 Exempt 

The  prohibition sign symbol is used to report codes that are exempt from modifier -51, but have not been designated as add-on procedures or services. 

Appendix E lists these codes. 

Vaccines Pending FDA Approval 

Lightning Bolt symbols are used to identify codes being tracked by the AMA to monitor the status for FDA approval for a dug. 


These codes are listed in Appendix K.


Hashtag  (#) symbols identifies codes out of numerical sequence. 

These codes are listed in Appendix N.

Telemedicine Services

Star symbols identify codes that, when appended by modifier 95, can be used to report telemedicine services.



The Bullseye symbol to denote codes with moderate sedation is NO LONGER USED in the CPT manual!

This means that codes will reference the procedure only. Moderate sedation will need to be coded separately, even when it is performed with a procedure.

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