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Category III Codes


Category III codes are a set of temproary codes,  used for emerging technology, services, service paradigms, and procedures


NOTE: If a Category III code is available, then it MUST be reported instead of a Category I unlisted code. These codes are part of a voluntary program and are optional, which means they are not required for correct coding. These can NEVER replace Category I codes. 



Category III codes are divided into different code sets, as seen to the right.  


Guidelines are listed at the beginning of each set of codes, to provide specific instructions for that code set. Reporting instructions, parenthetic notes, and further details are also listed within for further specification.  

Sunset Date

Category III codes temporary and are archived for 5 years. Each one has an associated "sunset date" listed beneath, which acts somewhat like an expiration date. If these codes have not been converted into Category I codes after this date, then they will be removed and a Category I unlisted code must be used.  



Five-Character Codes (4 digits and letter "T")



  • Remote Real-Time Interactive Video-conferenced Critical Care Services

  • Atherectomy (Open or Percutaneous) for Supra-Inguinal Artieries 

  • Subcutaneous Implantable Difibrillator System

  • Adative Behavior Assessments

  • Adaptive Behavior Treatment

  • Exposure Adaptive Behavior Treatment with Protocl Modification

  • Pacemaker- Leadless and Pocketless System

  • Phrenic Nerve Stimulation System


  • AMA

  • Annually:

    • Late Summer or Early Fall

    • Electronic Data Files / Books

  • Effective January 1

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